63_1: DevOps CI/CD | Docker | Kubernetes | REST APIs | Spring Boot JPA | PostgreSQL Flyway Liquibase

Hope this video will be interesting in DevOps CI/CD based deployments with standalong jar, docker-Docker-Compose and Docker-Kubernetes for REST APIs application with Flyway or Liquibase migration tools, Spring boot data JPA and Postgres to be helpful for those who are interested
Technology & Tools used:
1.Intellij IDE
2.Java 8+, Spring Boot Data JPA
3.Maven (building tool)
4.PostgreSQL(backend server) and database administartion with pgAdim
5.RESTFul APIs/Web Services(userregistrationflyway-1.2.2.jar) to consume
6.Spring Boot profile based external configuration and also deployment
7.Docker, Docker-Compose and Kubernetes(Minikube, Kubctl tools)
8.Google Postman (client-side testing tool)
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