AI Show Live – Episode 23 – Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning

Join Seth as he welcomes Shivani Santosh Sambare to talk about Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning ( Stay tuned as we get back to working on the Roshambo game.

Jump to:
00:00 Livestream begins
02:52 Seth joins the show
05:06 What are we working on today?
09:00 Welcome Shivani
12:50 Prebuilt Docker Images
13:14 What are the challenges working in Azure ML?
14:01 Solutions to Azure ML challenges = Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference
16:44 Demo: Deploying PyTorch model using Azure ML
21:20 Scoring script
29:04 Return to Roshambo
01:22:30 Cassie Breviu previews next week’s livestream: Azure Percept – AI IoT Edge Made Easy

Learn more:
Concept Prebuilt Docker Images:
Python Extensibility Solution:
Blog post:

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