ebpf linux kernel exploit | cve-2021-3490 poc

what is ebopf linux kernal?
It is a kernel technology (starting in Linux 4.x) that allows programs to run without having to change the kernel source code or adding additional modules. It is a sort of lightweight, sandbox virtual machine (VM) inside the Linux kernel, where programmers can run BPF bytecode that takes advantage of specific kernel resources.

CVE-2021-3490 : Linux kernel eBPF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter). A local attacker could exploit the flaw to escalate privileges on Ubuntu machines.

Exploit : https://github.com/chompie1337/Linux_LPE_eBPF_CVE-2021-3490
Analysis of ebpf exploit : https://www.graplsecurity.com/post/kernel-pwning-with-ebpf-a-love-story

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Linux kernel exploit 2021
ebpf vulnerability
local privilege escalation
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