FoundryVTT Self Hosted on Raspberry Pi 4, Securely! Using Docker, Portainer, and Nginx Proxy Manager

This video is meant to give you an easy way to self host your FoundryVTT Server on a Raspberry Pi. Your experiences may very depending on factors I cannot control, so if you do run into trouble please post a comment so we can try to get things working for your setup. If I missed anything, or things need more detail, let me know!

The tutorial is going to use 4 main apps to function: Docker, Docker Compose, Nginx Proxy Manager, and Portainer which isn’t truly needed but is a nice to have.


0:00 Intro
0:41 Hardware
1:26 SSH, VNC, Docker
5:35 Docker Compose
6:35 Portainer
10:06 Foundry Compose File Overview
12:44 Free Domain Name
15:01 Cloudflare Setup
18:14 Foundry Compose File Setup
22:59 Nginx Proxy Manager
33:11 Success!
34:17 Outro


You can find all of the code used so you can copy and paste from these websites. I do not own any of these sites, so please show appreciation to the owners!

Nginx Proxy Manager Tutorial Raspberry Pi 4 Installation – Episode 6

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