How To Install and Use nVidia ShadowPlay on Linux Equivalent – NvFBC OBS Studio Plugin – Ubuntu

How To Install and Use nVidia ShadowPlay on Linux Equivalent – NvFBC OBS Studio Plugin - Ubuntu

In this video I cover installing an equivalent to nVidia ShadowPlay on Linux using a OBS Studio plugin called NvFBC.

The method shown in the video will only work with if you have a nVidia GPU that supports NVENC, and you have installed the latest proprietary driver.

You also need to install OBS Studio, as this method will rely on using the NvFBC plugin for OBS.

Step 1 – Apply Patch to Enable Use of NvFBC on Consumer GPUs

Right click on the green Code button, select Download ZIP, and extract the archive.

In the extracted folder, open a Terminal window and type the following.

sudo ./

This will apply the patch to your GPU.

Step 2 – Build the NvFBC Plugin

Click on the download button, select the zip option and download it.

Next, extract the archive, open a Terminal window inside the folder, and type the following commands in order.

sudo apt install libgl-dev libobs-dev libsimde-dev meson ninja-build
meson build
ninja -C build

Once the process is complete, there will be a new file located in the build folder, so make a copy of this.

Next, navigate to your home directory and enable hidden files.

From here, navigate to .config / obs-studio and create a new folder called plugins.

Inside that folder create a subfolder called nvfbc, inside that folder create one called bin, and finally inside that folder create a folder called 64bit and paste the copied file inside there.

The final path should read as .config/obs-studio/plugins/nvfbc/bin/64bit/

Now when you open OBS Studio, you should have an option to select NvFBC as a source.

If you did not want to go through the building process, there is a Snap package version of OBS Studio, which already includes the NvFBC plugin.

You still need to patch support for NvFBC however.

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