Learn with Rohit: Attacks and Defenses to Docker & Kubernetes!!.

In this video, Rohit Sehgal alias sec_r0 (https://twitter.com/sec_r0) demonstrates docker and Kubernetes threats and defences while also discussing the basic concept.

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– All the Security Zines made by Rohit:
# About Series:
Learn with series is where I will invite hackers from around the world to share their tips and tricks.

————————- Timestamp —————————-
0:00 Introduction
0:46 What will we learn?
2:04 Agenda and Who is Rohit?
5:18 What is Docker?
8:15 How docker works?
10:18 How to set up docker!
12:35 Why Docker is not sufficient?
15:16 Orchestrators.
15:51 What is Kubernetes.?
19:00 Architecture of Kubernetes.
24:10 Different configurations for Kubernetes.
25:51 GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
29:26 SSRF in Kubernetes.
32:43 SSRF Demo in Kubernetes.
34:39 DinD (Docker inside Docker)
38:35 DinD Demo
41:20 Summary Uptil Now!
43:50 Demo Continue
46:50 Kubernetes Secrets.
49:25 RBAC policy.
50:40 End of presentation.
51:57 Summary till now.
52:20 QnA!!
56:30 Conclusion.

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